The world is round. Your treadmill isn't. We can help you with that.

About The Device

What is TredNatural?

TredNatural Technology is a patent pending device created by John P. Stelmach, MD and Dee Stelmach, DPM, which allows treadmills to shift left-to-right by three degrees while a person is exercising. The device can be integrated into treadmills or attached to an existing treadmill and powered on and off through a small console.

The idea is to recreate the natural sensation one has when walking or running outside. This is to eliminate the repetitive use injuries or general discomfort that often occur when using a flat treadmill, the result of the same joints and muscles being used with each step. TredNatural will bring the outside world inside.

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1. How does the treadmill cause repetitive use injuries? How does the trednatural correct this problem?

Treadmills can cause repetitive use injuries by the same small area of the joints or bones being utilized with each step because of their flat surface. These injuries can include hip and medial knee pain, stress fractures, and plantar fasciitis. The TredNatural corrects this problem by shifting the treadmill right and left, in turn shifting the weight around the joints.

2. Where did the idea for the TredNatural come from?

Dr. John Stelmach, a practicing orthopaedic surgeon for 30 years, and his sister Dr. Dee Stelmach, a practicing podiatrist for 40 years, came up with the idea while walking outside. You will notice that while walking in the snow or on the beach that your tracks are curved. Because the world is round, you are unknowingly adjusting to the curved, uneven surface below you. Therefore, the TredNatural was created to mimic that same feeling of walking outside.

3. How can the TredNatural help athletes and professional athletes?

Athletes will often stress any machine they are working with to the limit. Running on the same repetitive, flat surface can cause repetitive use injuries, and recognizing this, treadmills are often not an athlete's preferred training method of choice. With the TredNatural, athletes would be able to use treadmills without discomfort and have less chance of injury, with the benefit of being able to train inside.

4. Is the TredNatural for everyone?

Absolutely! The TredNatural can help everyone who wants to stay fit and get a workout in the comfort of their own home. The TredNatural can also help with core strength better than a regular treadmill. Many people have commented about the workout of their core after using the TredNatural as they are constantly balancing on the shifting surface. Not to mention, it will lower the chance of repetitive use discomfort and injury.